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If you have a particular idea in mind or like the idea of becoming more involved in the design process, scroll down to find some suggestions on what to consider before the design process begins. These tips are designed to save you time and money and ensure your design is something you are proud of.




Logo Design

We really have to grill you when it comes to designing an effective logo for your business.

Logos require the most amount of thought and information to ensure we have a good understanding of your business and any ideas you might have in mind.

+ What is your business name?
+ Has the name been registered? Please make sure your name is available for use before beginning the design process. The logo idea might be based around the name meaning we would have to start over!

+ Do you have any particular colours in mind?
+ Do you like any particular font styles?
+ Do you have a particular sketch, photo or sample of an idea you may have in mind. If you are unsure or don't have any particular ideas in mind, it's not a problem at all.

Keeping a logo simple where possible can work in your favour. It can cost less to reproduce in signage, uniforms. Cramming too much into a logo can make it less effective.

Business cards

Standard inclusions are

+ logo
+ business name
+ Contact name
+ Contact number
+ Email address
+ Website
+ Points on what you do to give those reading your card an idea of the services you provide
+ Any licence numbers that may apply to your industry to show that you are licenced and trustworthy
+ An ABN is a useful inclusion if space permits

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