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Terms & Conditions

The below terms are designed to help both client and designer work through the process smoothly. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to ask.

Please provide us with enough information regarding your job for us to quote as accurately as possible. Prices will not increase unless any major changes are requested or items added after agreeing upon a design or quote. Once a quote is accepted, we will request a non refundable deposit to start the design process. Payment must be finalised on completion of job. Failure to pay the agreed amount will result in a 2% increase each month the balance is outstanding. If you are having any difficulty in making payment and require more time, please let us know as in some circumstances the period can be extended at no additional cost. Failure to make payment may result in additional debt recovery fees or court costs. This includes reasonable solictor costs.

Accepting Proofs
Before printing any artwork we will send you a proof to check over. It is important to have a close look over the artwork and check that all details such as names and phone numbers are all spelt correctly.
When accepting artwork proofs, you are held fully responsible for accepting all content. If for some reason your proof is difficult to read or view you will need to request another copy of your proof.
Nothing will be sent to print without your written consent.
Your final accepted proof is what will be printed. There will be no reprints at our expense.

Once a design is agreed upon, you are entitled to a free significant changes on the agreed design. Each additional change will incur a $50 fee.
Significant changes include changes to layout, font or illustrations.
Additional designs required that were not discussed or quoted on with the initial project will be invoiced separately.

It is your responsibility to ensure that any files submitted do not violate Australian copyright laws. We will assume the files you send us are legally yours or that you have obtained permission from the owner to use the file. It's important that people be credited for their work.

Design and print turn around can vary depending on the complexity of the program and volume of print. Your standard business card design can be done within the next available day in our schedule and is also subject to your availablilty for checking and changes.
Print of cards and flyers generally takes 5-10 working days.
For larger projects and print runs they may take up to a week longer.
A turnaround on 4 days is available on some products.

Payment & deposits
The Client agrees to pay a non-refundable deposit to commence any project.
For any projects requiring printing, the print portion of the invoice must be paid in full prior to items being sent to print. Print orders exceeding $600 can request to pay a minimum deopsit of 50% instead of the full amount up front. Invoice's nees to be finalised by the date/period listed on the bottom of your invoice.

Clients finalising payments within 24 hours of invoice date receive a $5 discount on the overall invoice. Proof of the date of you payment e.g. receipts, is required. When making payment on the date of invoice simply deduct $5 from the total of the invoice.

Late payments will incur an administration fee of $20. An additional $20 will be added for each month payment is outstanding.
If the client has a valid reason for not making payment by the due date, please phone or email us to make arrangements, we're happy to help.

Colour Variations
Our screens and printers display colour quite differently. There may be a little variation in the colour you see on the screen to the printed version due to the nature of bulk-run printing. Variation can also occur when different stocks are used e.g. Gloss vs uncoated paper. We can not provide reprints or refunds on printing with a slight colour variation.

File setup for print
Files bleeding to the edge included an extra 3mm around each side of the file.
Customers are reminded that when your artwork is trimmed, the cutting of the paper/card can vary in position from 1-3mm, hence a 3mm internal margin from the bleed line is required. If any text is too close to the edge, it may be cut off. Do this at your own risk.

Payment methods accepted include cash, bank deposit, paypal, money order and cheque. Payment by cheque will incur a $5 fee and have to clear before any printing can commence.

Other Information

Clients are welcome to submit any design ideas, colours or fonts you may have in mind. You will not be judged on any drawings or scribbles! Anything that helps us to understand what you may have in mind will help us fulfil your design needs. It will also reduce the overall cost as this process can save us both time.




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