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Business Card Finishing options

Here are a few of our more popular business card design options. We also print a budget card, embossed cards and foil business cards.


Business cards can be designed in your standard size of 90x54mm. These are your more cost effective options, however, we can print custom sizes and double business cards 


Cards are also available in different weights. the most common being 310gsm, 350gsm 400gsm and 420gsm. Basically 310 being thinner to 420 being noticably thicker than the 310. Gsm stands for grams per square metre.


There are a variety of finishes available. gloss or matte lamination. Lamination offers a little extra protection to the card whilst making it more attractive. It is also possible to order a combination of the two. A matte coated card with your logo or particular words glossed over to add an interesting contrast. This is called a spot UV business card. The Spot UV can be used as a design element, it does not need to be printed over exisitng design.

Other finishing options include die cutting, embossing, debossing and foil.

Metallic inks now available, they can be used as highlights in your cards artwork or placed in the background and printed over to add some shine to your card.

Card stocks. There are many, so here are the more common options.

Plastic - clear, frosted, white.
Textured cards - Recycled card, vintage stocks.
Metallic and pearl stocks
Wood - Yes cards printed on wood

We also create digital versions of your card so you are able to forward a digital version of your card via email or phone.


for more information, samples and a basic pricing list, please visit our print website or contact us any time




Matte laminated

gloss business card
Gloss laminated

spot gloss business card
Spot UV card

plastic business card
Frosted plastic card

vintage stock
Vintage card stock

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